Rider rules

The following rules must be observed as a condition of riding at the Sandpit:

  1. All riders must register and pay at the sign in office before unloading motorcycles.
  2. All riders ride at their own risk after signing the disclaimer exonerating The Sandpit from all responsibilities.
  3. All riders must always wear a helmet.
  4. All riders must follow directional arrows and track markings. No back tracking what so ever!
  5. Excessively noisy bikes will be asked to rectify the problem immediately.
  6. There is NO access to Muriwai beach from The Sandpit.
  7. Please take all your rubbish home.
  8. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash or tied up.
  9. Speed in the parking area and access road is to be 1st gear at all times. No racking up in the car park.
  10. Smoking is only permitted within the dedicated smoking area.
  11. Peewee track is for 50cc bikes only.
  12. Moto X track is for experienced riders of 85cc and above. No Learners and no stopping on the track.

The sandpit staff wish everyone safe and happy riding but break these rules and you may be asked to leave.