Trials Area

The Trials Area is currently under construction for your riding training and pleasure. Trials riding has been identified as a sport that provides a solid foundation for those wishing to excel at a higher level in Moto X, Cross country and Enduros. It is our intention to help foster this at present minority sport and turn this patch of turf into a training ground for rider and especially youth development.

Darren Stockman from Waitemata MCC has been instrumental in the set up of this facility and would welcome any input into the design of future obstacles and the donation of materials.

The trials area is Free to use but please remember to sign in at the office first. Please note theres isnt a trails area at present.  Due to harvesting etc

Moto X Track

A sand based Moto X track has been formed that is proving to be a real gut buster. Whilst there are no 60 foot jumps, we do promise that after a few laps you will be questioning your level of fitness.

This track features wide bermy corners and constant changes of direction. Every lap is different and every time you visit it will throw up a variety of challenges. The track is all weather and is ideal for training throughout the year.


Forestry Tracks

There are 36 different tracks to date divided into three levels or grades. Something for every level of rider.

The yellow tracks are groomed by tractor every Monday to a flat flowing level. These are suitable for beginner riders and are excellent for quad bikes. Please note however that they can become bumpy towards the end of a busy weekend.

The blue tracks are generally single lane and tend to be firmer. These we class as enduro tracks where speed can still be obtained but in close proximity of trees.

The red tracks are classed as hard and will have obstacles such as gnarly roots, down hills, soft sand and hill climbs to test even the advanced rider.

To ensure that any tracks (old and new) are formed and to give the best ride, the volunteer services of experienced enduro riders John Nicholson and Mick Brannan have been employed. The Sandpit is regularly GPS mapped to allow our trail map to be accurate and up to date so riders can find their way around the myriad of tracks. Of which it is estimated that there could be up to 200km of track once the program is finished.

Riders are now coming back every weekend (both days for some) and bringing their mates. Following are a couple of the "literally hundreds" of comments from riders whom have ridden at The Sandpit.

  • "Been riding here for years, I want to be a part of this" - Brendon Abel
  • "John Nic took me on tracks that I didn't even know existed" - Mick Brannan
  • "I've been riding here for 30 years, and have never seen the tracks in this condition, fantastic" - Malcolm Bone
  • "Biggest Moto X track I've ridden on" - Unknown rider referring to the fast wide open trails.

There is a mountain of work still to be done, track marking, fencing, signage and lots more. But, be rest assured that it will happen to give riders ..."The Ultimate Off-road Motorcycle Experience".